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How does electrostatic disinfection work?
Electrostatic disinfection is a quick and easy way to achieve 360 degree, touchless disinfection. While it may sound complicated, the technology is simple to understand.  Electrostatic sprayers use positive and negative charges to make disinfecting solutions electromagnetically stick to targeted surfaces. For example, no matter which angle you disinfect a surface from, the charge created by the electrostatic sprayer makes the disinfectant wrap around and cling to the entire surface.

What does it fight against? 
The electrostatic sprayers paired with their EPA-registered disinfectants kill 99.99% of bacteria found in biofilm, C. Difficile, TB and other viral and fungal infections in just minutes.

Is it effective against foreign viruses?
Once applied to a non-porous surface, the chemicals begin to act on any microbes. Chlorine, which is found in most EPA-registered disinfectants is a powerful oxidizer, meaning it snags electrons from other molecules, unraveling proteins and damaging membranes. Once there, given enough time, these disinfectants will damage the virus, neutralizing it.

Aren’t you already disinfecting my workplace? 
Electrostatic disinfection is not a replacement to your regularly scheduled cleaning service. But it is a great addition that guarantees that all surfaces, even small areas or upholstered surfaces that can’t get wiped down, are disinfected. Remember, it’s not just disinfecting the tops of surfaces but underneath and all the way around too.

How long does it last?
Electrostatic disinfection does not create a protective barrier. It disinfects, or kills, unwanted pathogens from every targeted surface, but won’t protect those surfaces from becoming infected again. That being said, institutions like medical facilities, schools, gyms and cowork spaces may require electrostatic disinfection more frequently because they are introduced to new, potentially harmful pathogens on a daily basis.

Is it safe to use on/around electronics? 
Electrostatic disinfection can be safely performed around electronics such as laptops, monitors and keyboards as long as it is not applied directly at close range. We recommend putting away paper documents, along with anything else you don’t want sprayed before the scheduled service.

Is it safe for the person applying it? 
It is safe for the person applying and all people present during the service. Masks and protective gear are not required.

How do I request more information about electrostatic disinfection?
There are many benefits to electrostatic disinfection. It is an effective and touchless application which means zero cross contamination. If you have any questions or concerns about our electrostatic disinfection program please contact us at (813) 419-3979 or hello@bricksandbubbles.com.

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